Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mixed up life

Have you had that feeling?You know, at one moment u feel ur at the top of your life and just as you wonder "can life get any better?", something has to happen that ur back to where u started. It happens to me. In fact i get so sick and tired that all i wanna do is give up..but then again,somewhere deep in my heart a voice says go on...u can do it! and somehow, i just stay...I just wanna make one thing clear here..i always believe that a person who is truly confident are the ones that lead a fulfiling life and having said that, i have enough confidence in myself that i somewhat always believe im doing the right thing.So, all i wanna say here is, i have embraced womenhood with a clear head n an open doesnt mattter that im only 18, somehow i believe i can conquer the world..n believing is the first step in achieving!

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